rick's story

I had retired 10 years ago, and laziness and inertia had built up to the point that something needed to be done.  I have never been "in shape", being overweight my entire life.  However, I was not at the point that I could no longer walk to the mailbox without gasping for breath.  I was quite worried.  I saw a cardiologist and a pulmonologist to find out the cause of my breathing issues, of course expecting bad news of the heart variety.  My many tests came back, not only clean, but quite good for someone my age (67).  Both specialists told me to lose weight.  I was now at least 20 pounds past my "usual" adult overweight self.  Something needed to happen.

I had tried many times in the past to lose weight.

I would start by changing my eating habits drastically, only to quickly abandon the newfound discipline and revert back to the normal self-indulgence.  I needed outside help!  I learned of the wellness coaching from a friend, and decided to try this approach.  I started with Sue, and we discussed the problems (walking issues and weight) and discussed potential forms of action.  Sue guided me to find my own way.  I started slowly, but with a determination that I knew things had to change.  I did not want to become an immobile, dependent individual at this age.  I started walking about a quarter mile per day, with rest stops along the way.  Now, after 4 months I am over 3 quarters of a mile, straight through, no rest stops, adding a little each week.  I have lost almost 15 pounds, not nearly enough, yet, but definitely a move in the right direction.

The motivation and guidance Sue provides have surely helped me stay on track.  I look forward to our sessions, and relish the opportunity to share my successes,  minor as they are.  It is taking time, but I am absolutely moving in the right direction. 

And after 4 months, I am still motivated and determined to continue.

 No backsliding or giving up this time.  Sue has helped me to realize that I can change my living and eating habits, and make it happen this time.  I know I could not have done this well alone.

I recommend wellness coaching, and Sue as a wellness coach, to anyone who has failed in the past to make changes on his/her own.  The process of working with someone to attain your goals is a positive experience, and absolutely critical in helping attain those goals.