deb's story

When I started working with Sue, I was looking to find support to my nutritional counseling that I had started through my insurance provider.

Sue is very competent, understanding, resourceful and easy to talk to.  She helped me set goals to stay on a healthy eating plan and most importantly, reduce my stress level through meditation. I was skeptical as I don't sit still very often nor for very long! However, she suggested some reading resources and we spoke many times on beginning meditation and practiced it together a few times at the beginning of our meetings. It took me awhile

but with Sue as a resource and holding me accountable,

I was able to meditate for very short periods of time at first and then for longer periods each day. 

We looked at many aspects of balancing this thing called "life" and I am proud to say I am continuing to do so. I know that she is just an email or text away if I start to falter but so far so good. I have nothing to say except good things about her role as my health coach.